Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More like my sister than I thought

I passed out at work today. I dead fainted!!!!! I was assisting with the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth. The first one in this poor Lady's head was impacted so we had to surgically remove it. No big deal. Made it through that one no problem. stitches and all. The second one came out really easy. The Third one was also impacted and had to be surgically removed. I made it to the stitches. Suddenly I felt all the blood in face drop at a rapid pace to my toes. I got really hot all of a sudden. My hands started to sweat and the room started to look like it was underwater. I yelled for another assistant... " DAWN....!!!!" Then I heard the Dr. Say " Catch her!!!!!!!" I hit my head on the sink on the way down. I was laying on the floor of the Dental office for I don't know how long before I awoke to 5 assistants and 2 Dr's standing over me and a huge headache.

They dragged me to the break room and made me eat sweet potato pie. ( I don't eat sugar so it really made it all worse). Dawn , the other assistant , decided I fainted from stress because of my kids and my stupid ex- husband. To save face, I agreed with her. The office manager made me go home once I was feeling well enough to drive. Really, was that necessary? If I could drive I could hold a suction straw and polish a few teeth. Anyway I had to go home , and now I'm out a half a day's pay for my weak constitution. I need a better job.


demoux family said...

I have never fainted before, but I also have never been on the gooey end of a tooth extraction. I have not doubt I would have ended up the same way. You mke me laugh.

Sparverius said...

So, what are you saying by the title of this post? :)