Friday, January 9, 2009

maybe a break in the storm

I have decided that I need a theme song. something to pick me up when I'm feeling down. One of my favorite songs is FLOAT ON by MODEST MOUSE. The lyrics seemed to fit my life and how I need to shape my attitude so I added music player to my blog. So, if your speakers aren't already on, turn them on and give my theme song a listen. I added a few other pick- me -ups to that player too. : )

I had an interview at another Dental office today. I REALLY want this job. The hours are great and when I said how much I wanted to be payed the Dr. said that it sounded reasonable. WOW! that has never happened. He understood that I don't know how to do everything and said that was OK too. "Everything is easy enough to learn f you're willing to learn", he said. How cool if an office would this be to work in? Too cool!!! That's how!!! He wanted me to set up a working interview for next week, so when I talked to his front office manager to set the interview up she was shocked that I already have a job. She seemed almost put out, like what was I doing looking for another job if I already had one. ( nobody does that) She asked me if the office that I currently work for knows that I'm looking for another job. I fumbled my answer and said something stupid like -" they know the possibility of me looking for another job." She just gave me the stink eye and scheduled my interview. I was feeling so confident until she started acting all weird. I KNOW i told her I had a job the day we talked to set up my first interview. i was AT work when we talked. I'm afraid now that she'll call the office I currently work at and give them a heads up. Can she do that? I don't know. what I do know is I need a lot of good luck to get out of this storm so I can just FLOAT ON. . .

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