Friday, February 20, 2009

Our new table

I have been so sick. I have had Bronchitis. I have also been looking for a better job and trying to hide the fact that I have Bronchitis. Is's not been easy. I am very tired and worn out. blaaaaaa.

One of the many bad things about going through a divorce is the splitting up the furniture. In one day I lost my couch and my table and most of the pictures and decorations in my kitchen. My house felt very empty. I felt very sad and empty. My house was very sad and empty. My wonderful Mike told me that he had an old table in Cedar City that needed a little work but we could go get it and use that so we wouldn't have to eat on the floor any more. We had to go to St. George anyway for some custody stuff so we would just make a pit stop at his old house and pick it up.

I still don't have a couch and my kitchen is mostly bare, but my real estate guy doesn't mind that, but now I have a beautiful table thanks to my Mike. Here are a few pic's of him working on the table.
The sander was making such a big mess of dust that he hooked it up to the vacuum. It was a very loud few hours, but I didn't have to dust afterward. That was nice.

Sanding off all the old finish. It had been left outside at one point for quite awhile.

We chose a color that was too light at first and it didn't match the chairs. And my finished Table. Isn't it nice? it's so nice to not have to eat on the floor. The really funny thing is, is that Kevin now has the small, dinky table and I have the big, nice one. Ha ha!!!!

Staining the table a nice Dark Walnut color.
We'll be going back down to Cedar City again at the end of February, Then I'll have a couch to sit on down stairs and a freezer for my grage. woo hoo!!!!!


T-Time said...

Wow... that table is fantastic. Mike have anymore tables lying around??? We need one !!! LOL We have the table that I used to eat on as a child... so that will tell you how old it is... EEK

WTG!! it looks awesome!!

Manda Jane said...

That looks great!!!! I love the color and the shape :)