Monday, May 4, 2009

Why is it called a honeymoon?

Our honeymoon in Vegas was great. It was warm, and we got to sleep in until 1 O'clock most days. We saw 5 wonderful shows: Mystere, KA, "O": all by Cirque Du Soleil. We saw BELIEVE by Chris Angel and Cirque Du Solei ( not my favorite, but pretty good) and, The Blue Man Group. We got to hang out with some of Mike's old friends , Who also happen to be the lighting crew for 2 of the Cirque shows. I got to get a back stage tour of the "O" theater, and Mike showed me all around the KA lighting booth. The Bellagio hotel had a beautiful indoor garden with super cool water features; globes and archways made entirely out of water. There was a butterfly house and a zen garden. It was all so beautiful we didn't know what to take pictures of. Outside the Bellagio there was of course the famous dancing fountains. We stuck around the the warm night air to watch two of the shows. We bought M&M's from the largest M&M store and enjoyed them and a cup of Coke across the way at in the Everything Coca Cola store. had I probably gained 10 lbs eating out all the time in lounges and restaurants. We went to spas and I even got my nose pierced ( again). . .

We had so much fun we never wanted to come home.