Friday, February 27, 2009


What the crap is Facebook?

Once a month my family ( mom, dad, brothers and sister and their families) get together to have Family Home Evening. On one of these nights they start talking about Facebook and say " Brenda where are you?" " We all get on there and wonder where you are. You need to get on there." I barely know how to blog. I'm getting instruction from my 12 year old niece. My step kids mother spends all her time on Facebook and totally ignores them and I just couldn't see how that could be possible. NOW I can!! The thing is so blasted confusing I spent over two hours just trying to get things set up. That's probably why she spends so much time on it, she can't figure it out either. I had better get a job soon, or I just might become so addicted to figuring out Facebook that I too will ignore my children. The Internet is bad news man. Oh! wow. My Facebook just now popped on with a message from my gorgeous husband. I'm telling you this stuff is weird. It even knows who my friends are before I do. ( pretend you are hearing the theme to the twilight zone)


Sparverius said...

Welcome! I actually only spend a few minutes every few days on there. But its nice to be able to keep in touch with friends and family. You remember Krista? She's on there. I bet you could find Lisa.

average american said...

You would have to show me how. Really.